Deliva, sustainable

In recent years, sustainability has taken a prominent place in Deliva's policy and growth strategy. It is natural for us to take responsibility for a more livable world - not a task, but a given.

Growing into a sustainable company is a long-term challenge and is being addressed on various fronts. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the innovative efforts and initiatives of the amazing Deliva team.

Conscious business from the basement...

The biggest changes have occurred through streamlining existing infrastructures and practices, starting with water usage. In addition to producing our dishes, we also generate significant amounts of wastewater daily, approximately 700 to 800 m3 per week. That's quite substantial! Think of cooking water, dishwashing water, cleaning water, and so on. Under the leadership of Roberto Morelli, Manager of Maintenance, Facility, and Fleet, we have established an ambitious water purification station. The ultimate goal is to achieve completely circular water consumption, reusing wastewater and minimizing the need for tap water. One thing is for sure, our team doesn't compromise when it comes to water purification!

"Our ambition? Eventually, not having to use tap water anymore."

Roberto Morelli, Manager of Maintenance, Facility, and Fleet

All the way up to the roof...

Even on the rooftops of the production halls, our energy consumption undergoes a sustainable makeover. More than 1800 industrial solar panels cover the roofs of Deliva, Umami, and Clean Minds. They generate about 940,000 watts peak. When you consider that a household needs 5,000 watts peak, you realize how impressive that is. And they are running at full capacity!


And everything in between.

Before solar panels were even a topic, the bright minds at Deliva were already thinking about sustainable energy use. For example, we switched to LED lighting quite some time ago and have replaced various installations and machines with more sustainable alternatives. Even in our parking lot, we're going green (and we don't just mean our lawn). We have installed charging stations, and our employees can use electric company cars and bicycles.

The future presents us with a sustainable perspective.

Innovation and technology have always made a difference at Deliva, including in the field of sustainability. We now use packaging materials without waste, CO2 cooling, and we are working on complete digitalization to minimize our paper consumption. We are excited about what the future will bring us!

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