Our partnership with Adecco

In September, the Umami, Deliva, DCS and Clean Minds group of companies established a partnership with HR giant Adecco. HR Business partner Edith Reyskens shares her thoughts.


You have decided to enter into a permanent collaboration with Adecco for recruitment. Can you tell us more about this collaboration?

Edith: “After working with AGO and Synergie for many years, we decided to establish a partnership with Adecco from September. The Umami, Deliva, DCS and Clean Minds group of companies has a need for a partner to support its search for motivated employees. After all, they are crucial in achieving our continued growth and will guarantee the inflow of candidates. Adecco is the global leader in HR services. A partner that continuously evolves and invests fully in new applications with the most advanced tools related to intake, testing, training, onboarding, planning, evaluation, administration and reporting. In short: a comprehensive partner.”


How did this collaboration come about?

Edith: “At the beginning of this year, we drew up a shortlist of temporary employment agencies and sent out invitations. Four agencies were in the running, but it was Adecco who stole the crown. They were the most eager to establish the partnership, and their services are most suitable for our current needs.”

"Adecco their services best fit our current needs." 

One team within Adecco will be focusing on employees for Deliva, and another team will concentrate on employees for Umami. Why is this?

Edith: “The profiles of Deliva and Umami are completely different. That is why we opted for two dedicated teams to assist us.  Given the wide spread of Umami sites across Belgium and the Netherlands, it is important that they are managed by a team with experience in digital recruitment and planning. The Adecco Central Delivery team is a dedicated department for national clients, with central planning and decentralised deployment. A nice advantage: they can fall back on their own Adecco Direct Beeple Catering & Retail pool, which is full of recruited and already positively screened candidates from across the country. Deliva requires a different kind of service. Their recruitment is mainly local and is dealt with by the Adecco office in Genk. A designated Adecco consultant will be on site at certain times. She will maintain contact with the shop floor so that she can respond more quickly to any ad hoc vacancies. She will follow up on the temporary staff evaluations, arrange medical examinations, etc. She will more or less be an extension of our own HR department but only for temporary staff.”

Are there many vacancies within the group of companies? If so, which types of jobs?

Edith: “Deliva likes to welcome candidates who are motivated and want to invest in long-term employment. Operators and technicians are always welcome at our production department. Clean Minds, which specialises in extractor fan cleaning, is always looking for additional specialists as they continue to grow. And Umami is always looking for catering staff, from kitchen assistants to cooks to site managers. Since this often involves weekend work, it is a very difficult task. All companies share the same motto: the best profiles are those of inquisitive employees who want to start at the basis and grow from there. We are happy to teach them the tricks of the trade on the shop floor.”


If a current employee at one of the companies wants to apply for one of the vacancies, will they still deal with Adecco?

Edith: “Of course, our own employees are free to apply for one of our vacancies. Any employee who is in a job that suits them better contributes to the success of the entire organisation. All our vacancies are published on our own job site. Of course, we will deal with internal candidates ourselves without involvement from Adecco. We also encourage the internal mobility of our employees. If there is an interest to grow into another position, this can be discussed with the supervisor or with HR. We look at the options and organise training to teach certain skills if necessary. A win-win, both for our organisation and for the employee!”

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