Meet the team : logistics team

Everything that enters and leaves Deliva passes through the expert hands of our Logistics department. But what makes this team so special? Supervisor Peter, shift manager Liborio, and warehouse operatives Nathalie, Pieter, and Ludo are happy to give us a glimpse of ‘daily life’ in their department.

What responsibilities does the logistics department have within the company?

Ludo: “On the one hand, divide everything that comes in and then store it in the right location or chiller. On the other hand, prepare all orders for each route so they can go out to the customers the next morning.


Can each of you briefly explain your tasks?

Nathalie: “I work in the chiller and usually handle small orders, mainly baby food for childcare centres and meals for residential care centres.”

Pieter: “I look after the larger orders from the chiller, often for shelters in Belgium and the Netherlands.”

Liborio: ”As shift manager, I make sure that everyone can get to work with the printed picking slips, and that everything is divided into the correct routes.”

Peter: “I am in charge of the warehouse and the drivers.”

Ludo: “I make sure that all the incoming deliveries are processed correctly.”

Why did you choose a job in this department?

Nathalie: “After twenty years in sales, I switched to order picking. I should’ve done it much sooner! I love keeping busy and staying active. And the cool climate in the chiller is ideal in the summer!” (laughs)

Pieter: “I studied logistics and then started working for a different company. Because this was only a temporary job, I applied for a job with Deliva and I definitely don’t regret it.”

Liborio: “I had absolutely no logistics experience, but I came here to work night shifts through an acquaintance. And here I am, eleven years later. So you could say I’m happy where I am.”

Peter: “I used to work for a different logistics company and made the switch to Deliva.”

Ludo: “I’ve worked in logistics all my life. I started in the army and then worked for a few other employers before I came here. This is my last week, by the way, because I am retiring in August!”

How important is teamwork in your department?

Nathalie: “Very important. We work very well as a team and the atmosphere is excellent. There is a lot of laughter in between the work. Only when it comes to tidying up, the men are nowhere to be found. We have to rap their knuckles from time to time.” (general hilarity)

Do you sometimes work with other departments within the company?

Peter: “We generally work with all the departments: production, purchasing, sales, etc. Really, everything starts and ends here. Also, we are the ones who can still put things right at the last minute. The cooperation with the other departments is very good.”

Do you think Deliva is a good employer?

In unison: “Yes!”

Nathalie: “The atmosphere within the company is very good. By the way, we get free lunch every afternoon, you won’t find that anywhere else.”

Peter: “When there’s parties, we get spoilt with real party menus. And these parties and activities are quite regular too. With one common thread: food.” (laughs)

What makes you a good team?

Peter: “We’re all on the same wavelength. The same attitude, ideas about life, way of working, etc.” Pieter: “I might be the youngest, but I got a really warm welcome into the group. I can go to anyone for anything. It helps me to learn a lot from the more experienced colleagues.”


Do you get together for activities outside of work sometimes?

Nathalie: “Yes. When Peter invites us. (hilarity) In the summer, we sometimes have drinks or go to a pavement cafe. We also go out for dinner together once a year.”

Peter: “It stopped because of the whole coronavirus situation, of course, but everything is getting back on track now.”

Ludo: “That’s right, and the next activity on the calendar is my retirement celebration!”

Do you have a special anecdote?

Liborio: “Once, we had a very ‘special delivery’. It was a pallet from Peru, destined for Production. As well as the goods ordered, it turned out there was a little extra: a kilo of cocaine. Not long after, the place was crowded with police and sniffer dogs. We all had quite a scare!”

Fun Facts

Group morale boosters: Angela and Nathalie. Those two egg each other on.

Worst jokes? Ludo! Although he can also be very serious, so a lot of the time, you go ‘is he being serious?’

Who has the worst taste in music? The colleagues in dry storage. They’re always listening to Schlager music!

Who can you always turn to for good advice? Peter

Special hobbies? Not really. Peter once ventured into badminton, but was a little too intense. The result? Six weeks’ rest with a torn Achilles tendon...

Why should you win the ‘best team’ award?

Because the atmosphere here is awesome! And because we are the best! ;-)

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