Meat preparation operator


  • You work in our meat preparation department.
  • Every workday is different. One day you manually cut meat and the next you operate the mincer.
  • You add the right seasoning using our recipes.
  • You ensure everything is supplied on time based on our production planning.
  • You carry out specific quality inspections, which you record accurately.
  • You anticipate difficulties in the production process and take the necessary actions.
  • You also ensure your workplace is tidy and clean, follow our hygiene rules, and wear personal protective equipment.


  • You are experienced cutting meat or willing to learn how.
  • You can work independently and in a structured manner. And you believe in the importance of consulting with your colleagues when necessary.
  • You are stress-resistant and can cope with a large number of tasks.
  • You like working at a fast paceā€¦ the work must go on.
  • You can concentrate for a long period and still work accurately.
  • We expect a basic knowledge of the Dutch language.  The employer provides a language course/language support.
  • Any experience you have in the food sector is a plus point.
  • You are willing to work in a two-shift system.


  • Your wage is in line with the market supplemented with meal vouchers.
  • You are part of a motivated team.
  • You can have lunch at our delicious hot and cold buffet free of charge every day.
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